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Stratacare Brisbane

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3/141 Campbell Street,
Bowen Hills , Queensland 4006 AUSTRALIA

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Licensed managers have adequate training in strata management, guaranteeing quality service all the time. Top strata management companies ensure they have licensed managers with updated knowledge and skills essential in managing small and large strata. These professionals hone their skills through training and education in strata management and finance. The process requires effort to complete ensuring all trainees are qualified. Therefore hiring the services of licensed managers provides security for the body corporate.

As an integral part of keeping up with the latest state requisites, licensed managers continuously educate themselves through management courses and safety compliance training. These training sessions are vital for license renewal, ensuring knowledge of the manager is up to date in handling disputes, by-laws & regulations, and the latest financial management.

Given the complexities of body corporate management emphasises the dedication of the manager to excel in this field, acquiring the newest knowledge while providing excellent strata management.


Stratacare Brisbane 07 3435 5300
3/141 Campbell Street,
Bowen Hills , Queensland 4006 AUSTRALIA
Stratacare Brisbane

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Stratacare Brisbane
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Stratacare Brisbane

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